Next 21 Day Transformation Challenge



Start Date:

Monday, June 24th, 2024

Next 21 Day Transformation Challenge



Start Date:

June 24th, 2024

Help Us Reach Our Goal:

At Shredded Army we have a goal of 10,000 lbs transformed (weight loss, weight gain, muscle gain) by December 31st, 2024 . Help us reach our goal by joining and participating.

Number of pounds transformed:

Total includes both weight loss and weight gain (muscle)


of 10,000 lbs

Want to Transform Your Body, but Mediumdon’t want to do it alone?

Transform your body in 21 Days Guaranteed! Jumpstart your health and fitness journey!

It’s as easy as clicking a few buttons today, then following our guided nutrition and fitness programs all at your fingertips!

No more guessing what to eat or how to workout - Our nutrition and exercise programs will detail what to eat and what exercises (at home or in the gym) to do for your goals every time.

Remain Focused and Consistent with your Health and Fitness Goals - With our Daily messages and Online Community, remain consistent and never lose motivation. You will remain focused and inspired

Do everything from the comfort of your home - Access everything you need online with the click of a few buttons

Jet & Reef

Health & Fitness Coaches


“After giving birth I really struggled with the motivation to snap back. I love how simple everything was for me. I didn't have to guess at what to eat or do...and the community was everything. They really kept me motivated!”

- Kendra ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“I used to be overweight, unhealthy and lacked a lot of confidence. Jet and Reef helped me in dropping 50lbs of body fat...and not only did I drop it, but I acquired knowledge to maintain it.”

- Iyabo ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"I personally struggled with gaining muscle all of my life. I was always super skinny and looking for a change. I decided to reach out to them for support and guidance. So glad that I did. I’ve been able to put on about 12lbs of lean muscle following their system."

- Jose ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"I was an overweight, exhausted, and sick wife/mom just getting through life. After starting my nutrition plan with Jet & Reef, I lost over 60 pounds, freed myself from diabetic and other medications, became mentally and physically stronger, overcame my battle with suicide and depression, AND I am living making an massive impact on my family and community.”

- Tessie ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"I came to Reef personally when I was ready to drop this body weight. He put me on a simple plan that focused on diet and exercise. The simplicity of it made it easy for me to stay consistent. I went on to lose over 40lbs and maintaining."

- Derris ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Our goal is to educate individuals on the proper way to reach their health and fitness goals. Most of the time people lack motivation and just never start.

Our structured and progressive follow-along workout program, nutrition plan, accountability group, and weekly check-ins will help you progress from one step to the next in your health and fitness journey. You will get help achieving the overall dream body you’ve always deserved!


Join today to enter the challenge!

Purchase entry into the upcoming Challenge

Upload your BEFORE pictures into the challenge platform on the challenge start date

Follow the provided Nutrition/Meal plan based on your goals (ie. gain muscle, drop body fat, lose weight)

Use a few minutes every week to do simple home or gym workouts on the platform

Upload your AFTER pictures into the challenge platform showing your progress with your new body




Too busy to go to a gym? Don't worry, you can still participate! We have different programs that can be done in your home.

Prefer the gym? We've got you covered for that as well!

With several workout programs available in our online app you can easily find one that is best for you. Follow along with each workout in the video library or use them as a reference to create your own perfect personal workout.


We provide you with a fully customizable nutrition program guide. We detail what each meal should look like along with various foods and nutrition supplements we recommend. Feel free to mix and match your meals every day.


Check-Ins w/ your Coaches Jet & Reef

Check in with us and get motivation and assistance throughout your journey.


A big part of achieving your goals comes from getting inspiration and motivation from people who are on the same journey as you are. You'll be added to our online chat community with other coaches and challengers


Want to learn more about nutrition, what to eat and what products to take for your personal goals? Tune in every week with us for Nutrition Class, a LIVE video conference where we will provide you with information on how to eat for a healthier lifestyle.


Keep your goals at top of mind every day with our daily messages. 85% of our challengers say that the daily reminders were pivotal in keeping them consistent throughout their transformation journey.


This challenge is for anyone who wants to create a physical transformation in their life. Normal health and fitness programs require you to spend hours working out with no reward. With this challenge you spend just a few minutes every week to earn that new body

Your Results are Personally Guaranteed


When does the challenge end?

Challenge ends after 21 days from the start date. There will be a celebration call via Zoom a few days after to recognize everyone's transformations.

Do I have to be present on the Zoom Call?

Yes! We highly recommend you attend the final Zoom call

Do I need to download Telegram Messenger to participate?

Yes! We recommend that you download Telegram Messenger and are active in the online challenge chats. The community of challengers are all in the chat.

Do I have to be using Herbalife Nutrition to participate in the challenge?

It is not a requirement to be on Herbalife Nutrition, however an overwhelming majority of the people who go on to get great results are typically on at least 1 product from Herbalife Nutrition.



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